RCO Toolkit

The Science of Addiction and Recovery Train the Trainer

Based on a curriculum developed by Faces & Voices of Recovery, this training empowers recovery advocates to speak confidently about the science behind Addiction and Recovery in their community education efforts, personal advocacy and policy advocacy.  6 hours*

Our Stories Have Power, Community Recovery Messaging Training and Train the Trainer 

Based on a curriculum developed by Faces & Voices of Recovery, this training provides people in recovery, their family members, and all recovery allies with messaging (or language) they can use to talk about recovery in a positive way; thereby erasing the shame and stigma that often accompanies addiction and recovery.  3 hours*

Peer Professional Supervision 

This two day supervisor training developed, by Exponents Center for Personal and Professional Development, includes the core competencies for Peer Supervisors and Peer Professionals (Recovery coaches and Peer Recovery Advocates) working in a variety of clinical and non-clinical community based settings.  12 hours*

Community Asset Mapping; Recovery Community Organization (RCO) Training

Developed by FOR-NY to assist RCOs in assessing the strengths, assets and resources beneficial to building partnerships with the community, as well as provide ongoing engagement strategies with allies of the recovery community. 3 hours*

Building your Recovery Community Organization (RCO) from the Ground Up  

For developing RCOs, provides the steps to organizing the Recovery Community, strategies for planning and conducting successful meetings, developing identity and purpose, and recruiting and maintaining leadership and membership. 3 hours. Contact us to bring a training to you!

The 45 Second RCO Elevator Pitch 

Educating RCOs on how to advocate effectively.  Each participant will craft their own Advocacy Elevator Speech targeted specifically for their local legislators. 2 hours.  Contact us to bring a training to you!