(FPA) Family Peer Advocate

Families Together administers the New York State Family Peer Advocate Credential.  As of 2020, over 700 Family Peer Advocate Credentials have been awarded. The establishment of the FPA Credential recognizes the importance of family-to-family support. The intent of this credentialing process is to formally recognize the expertise of Family Peer Advocates, to ensure all advocates demonstrate core competencies, to expand reimbursement possibilities, and to provide opportunities for professional growth and collaboration.

What is a Family Peer Advocate?

Family Peer Advocates have ‘lived-experience’ as the parent (biological, foster, adoptive) or primary caregiver of a child/youth with a social, emotional, behavioral, mental health, or developmental disability).  They receive training to develop skills and strategies to empower and support other families.  They foster effective parent-professional partnership and promote the practice of family-driven and youth-guided approaches.

Family Peer Advocate Provisional Credential

An individual seeking a FPA Credential will typically start with a Provisional Credential.  Please read the FAQ and the Application Instructions before completing the application.  We have also prepared a pre-recorded video with page-by-page instructions.  

Completion of the PEP Level 1 training is required for the Family Peer Advocate Provisional Credential. If you have not taken the Level 1 training CLICK HERE to get to the FTNYS training page and follow all instructions.  If you have any problems accessing the training, call our office at 518-432-0333, ext.18.